As always on Fridays, today we publish a #TeamPick that comes from Anthony Reo, the Product Co-Founder of Bunch. Originally from Washington D.C., Anthony decided to move to Berlin, after he finished his studies and worked two years in Budapest. Since then, he’s part of the Bunch-team. If you want to learn more about Anthony, read the amazing blogpost that we published last month about him.

His tip for the week: How to Reduce Employee Turnover and Hire Top-Performers

This article has been written by Alida Miranda-Wolff. She describes in detail how a lower turnover, healthier cultures, and more innovative workplaces can be achieved by systemized hiring processes that privileges top-performing candidates with matching values and motivations.

Important steps for easier and faster interviews and a good hiring:

Defining and designing the right roles that you need to solve your problems

– Define competencies that matches to the specific roles (knowledge, skills, expertise, functional capabilities)

– Define values that matches to your company. “A star performer with every skill in the world may quit or be fired after two weeks because their values don’t match yours or the company’s.”

– Creating a Measurement Systeminterviewing candidates as quickly as possible without any measurement system leads to bias, confusion, conflict, and hiring the wrong candidates. Avoid this mistake by tracking and scoring your candidates. “Remember to use the same questions for every candidate. This not only standardizes the process, but eliminates bias. When you like people, you tend to give them softball questions and even leading questions.”

If you want to learn more about effective interview questions – continue reading here.

Why is this relevant?

This is relevant for anyone hiring and growing their organization. Designing the roles you need, the competencies and the values you need in a person who fills that role is extremly hard, so the frameworks that help you get at the right information are very helpful. Knowing what you need is the first step, and then finding and getting that takes time.

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