Every team and company struggles when going through changes. Workplace change is tough. In order to keep the morale and momentum up, it’s important to keep reminding your team of where you are headed and why it’s worth keeping at it.

Here are the 5 ways to Maintain Momentum through Change and how to secure your team’s motivation along the way:

1. Remind them of the final vision: 

What are you hoping the change will lead to? What will the future look like after the change? How will it be successful? Help them to see the transformation you’re heading towards. This will help your team to keep a steady course.

2. Play to your team’s strengths:  

When going through workplace change, keep assigning tasks to people according to their strengths. This is not the time to push people outside of their comfort zone. Help the team get a win!

When people are succeeding in their jobs, change is much easier to handle and has a positive feel to it. 

3. Follow-up individually: 

Check-in with your team members individually on a weekly basis. Are they still clear on where you’re going and why? Are there any blockers?

Manage by “walking around” and asking tons of questions, spend as much time with your team as possible.  

4. Kill resistance to the change: 

Be aggressive in addressing instances where you see resistance. Make it clear that everyone who stays on the team has to be on board with the new direction you are headed in.

This is not the time for dissent or debates. You have to make sure that everyone sees only one path forward and that’s the direction you’ve proposed. 

5. Use rituals to lift the team’s spirit

In times of change, it’s more important than ever to pay into the togetherness bank.

So make sure that you know what your team’s favorite rituals are and maintain them, w/o compromises. 

Those are the 5 ways to Maintain Momentum through Change:

1. Remind them of the final vision

2. Play to each team member’s strengths

3. Follow-up individually

4. Kill resistance to the change

5. Use rituals to lift the team’s spirit

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