“Every company has a culture. The only question is whether or not you decide what it is.” Daniel Ospina, Conductal.org

Today, we’re releasing our first hand-picked and curated collection of culture hacks and we’re thrilled about it.  Why? The most common question we hear when working with our customers is: “Do you really think you can change culture?” and that’s understandable.

You work with your team every day, and some things are the way they are since the beginning of times. Especially in larger teams and organizations, change can be a very tricky exercise. This is exactly the reason why we love culture hacks so much. Instead of trying to accomplish change on a big scale right away, we at Bunch operate on agile principles when it comes to culture (read here about the agile principles and values).

Taking an agile approach to culture means that you start with a set of assumptions and you create change and progress in small iterations, instead of tackling it all at once. Culture hacks are small, concrete initiatives that you can take with your teams towards positive change in culture. Since we believe in learning from each other, we’ve included some examples of successful companies that perform the culture hacks that we suggest.



From now on, Bunch not only measures your team’s current culture but also enables you to influence the way you work together in a specific direction. Let’s say you want to help your team be more customer-orientated. Since a sharp focus on customer value helps you to deliver successful products and services and the lack thereof can result in lower customer satisfaction and loss of customers. Simply try the “Round robin customer care” that Stripe, Zapier, and Slack are swearing on. We’ve also implemented this at Bunch, and when you’re lucky, you even get the chance to be in touch with one of the members from our engineering team, if you catch them on their shift. That way you help us deliver value for you, since even our backend engineers have emphasized with your needs (nothing beats a human-to-human conversation!) and are focusing on them when building features.

And the best is, cultural change is not a lonely job, it’s the responsibility of the whole team, that’s why every Bunch user has access to the culture hacks collection and can suggest hacks to try out. Now go try something with your team and let us know how it goes and watch your culture go places.

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