⏰  Within the first 24- to 48 hours

👩‍👧‍👦  New team members


Job to be done: Improve adaptability in your organization


How to do it: When onboarding new team members, let them publish something, push code, or interact with customers within the first 24- to 48 hours of joining your organization. Even if employees are still undergoing training, let them make an impact from day one.

Letting new hires take initiative on their first day helps them feel more confident about making a difference, and it alleviates the feeling of being scared to make mistakes right from the get-go.


Pro Tip: Ask job applicants to explain how they see themselves making an impact in the first 1-3  of work.

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“We want to show people […] ‘Hey, right away you’re creating an impact.’” – Jason Bosinoff (AirBnb)


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