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What is culture and how do you measure it?

Culture is a set of strongly-held values shared across a team. We map company culture onto 6 key dimensions: results orientation, adaptability, collaboration, detail orientation, principles, and customer orientation. By quantifying culture using our psychological model, we enable company leaders and HR departments to hire strategically, proactively develop the team, and drive growth.

What does it mean to evolve culture?

Your team’s culture is alive: it changes and grows with time and each new member. Once you’ve mapped your culture with Bunch, you’re able to see areas for improvement, allowing you to make strategic hires and grow your company culture in the direction you need to succeed.

What information are you using to determine a candidate’s cultural fit? Is this a personality test?

This is not a personality test. Bunch assesses candidate’s cultural values and work style preferences to predict how well they will fit into a team. Candidates take a 10-minute culture quiz after which their profile is created. The profile shows their fit on 6 key dimensions — results orientation, adaptability, collaboration, detail orientation, principles, and customer orientation. The assessment is based on a scientific methodology designed by Charles O’Reilly at Stanford Institute of Organizational Behavior. Learn more about our science here

Do you assess candidate's hard skills or only soft skills?

We let your recruiters check the hard skills—it’s what they’re best at. Bunch quantifies a candidate’s cultural attitudes and work style preferences to predict how they will fit into your company, allowing you to rely on data instead of just gut feeling.

Does Bunch increase or reduce bias in the hiring process?

Bunch helps companies significantly reduce bias when hiring by pulling the focus away from demographics and other personal attributes (e.g. name, age, previous experience) and placing it more on work attitude and mindset. Bunch ranks candidates by cultural fit, enabling HR and hiring managers to focus on candidates with high culture fit scores, rather than looking for a certain type of profile resembling what company usually hires.

How does Bunch influence diversity?

Bunch helps companies to become more organically diverse by enabling them to hire candidates that align with a team’s culture instead of selecting mainly based on demographic attributes or previous experiences. In other words: Bunch helps you to better identify the hidden champion candidates that you might otherwise overlook. Read more about the topic here

My company is not a startup, will Bunch work for us?

Yes, sure. Culture is at the core of success for any company—be that a 3-person startup team or an established corporate with thousands of employees. Bunch is lean, easy to use, and slots right into your existing recruiting process.

Does the candidate see his and our team's/organization's results?

After a candidate takes the assessment, they are able to look over their own profile. However, they don’t see your team profile or Culture Fit score.

Can I use my existing ATS with your solution?

There are many ways to integrate Bunch into your ATS. You are welcome to create a custom field that displays Culture Fit for each candidate, or simply insert a link to a candidate’s Bunch profile into ATS. In the future, Bunch will feature more robust ATS integration that automates data exchange.

How can I start using Bunch?

After you take the demo, we will set up an account for you and you can start using Bunch right away.

What is the cost? How does the pricing work?

Bunch offers a range of subscriptions with pricing based on the size of your company. Our minimum subscription period is 6 months. Please request a demo or contact us to get a personalized quote.

Where is our data stored? / Is the info we provide stored securely?

We store our customers data on Amazon Web Services’ Frankfurt-based servers, one of the most secure servers in the world. We guarantee privacy and security of your data.

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