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Meet Emma, our new AI-powered Chrome extension gives you instant behavioral insights on LinkedIn for prospective hires, sales prospects, and teammates.

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How does it work?

Frequently Asked Questions

Emma delivers predictive insights based on about 100 signals in someone's public LinkedIn profile. That includes the language they use to describe themselves, the jobs they've had in the past, their listed skills and recommendations.

How reliable are the insights I get?

Any time you analyze a profile with Emma, you'll see an accuracy rating that tells you how reliable the results are. On average, you can expect Emma to be about 75% right. Not bad given that she's only 3 months old!

Is this GDPR-safe?

Yes! Emma helps you interpret data you already have access to on LinkedIn, so she requires you to be registered on LinkedIn. It won't give you access to any new private or personally identifiable data and only analyze publicly accessible profile information.

- Louis Coppey, Principal at Point Nine Capital

"Amazing! I tried it on my profile and it's incredibly accurate. Any recruiter / founder should use this to prepare interviews and back up intuition on people they're considering recruiting."

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