“We don’t recruit just for the ‘now’. Future employees have to match with what we will need in the future. Our future hires need to complement our existing team and will grow with us. They need a skill-set for today’s tasks but also need the agility to take over roles in 12 months that are not defined yet,” says Rico Fernando, Coliquio’s Head of HR and Organizational Development in our latest customer success case study. 

We sat down with Rico to discuss why he was using Bunch and how it has helped to improve the quality of hires since integrating the tool in their hiring process in 2017. The biggest benefit he told us was increasing employee retention from 40-50% to 80-90%, primarily by aligning on what Coliquio needs from future hires using the 6-dimensional Stanford framework behind Bunch and then experimenting with different team setups.

Since launch, we have come across many similar stories of scaling companies using Bunch to solve the same hiring problem: how do we hire not for just now, but for what our business will need in 6 to 12 months from now? It’s key to focus on the potential that candidates display, not only on their current skills. Are they ready to learn and grow? Are their goals aligned with the mindset that the business is currently in? Think about your future hires and existing teams as partners that are entering a new relationship. You want to make sure that they are not only happy and help each other grow today, but also have a huge potential to grow off of each other in the future. 

In a very fast-paced environment of a high-growth startup this is notoriously difficult. Especially, because resources are scarce and hiring managers and teams are extremely busy with building current business and delivering value to customers.  That is why Rico and his team chose a data-driven and scalable approach to identify and align on what they will need from a position and a team not only today, but also tomorrow. Bunch enables them to align on these expectations in a data-driven, scientifically validated & market-validated way, in addition to supporting the hiring team in identifying the candidates that fit the business needs of the future the best quickly. 

You can read more about Rico and his team using Bunch in our success story. How do you determine what your teams need tomorrow and make sure you hire for that? 

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