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Hiring has changed

A couple of years ago hiring was simpler. All you need to do in order to find good people was to post an open position to a job board. Today this is different. We now live in a candidate-driven market, where there are more open job opportunities than qualified people. This made it harder and harder to find the right people, even for companies with big employer branding budgets. Not talking about smaller companies without access to those budgets. 

When markets changes, you can’t continue with old strategies & tactics. You need to adapt.

Technology and Psychology

Making good people decisions takes time. Your time. 

Imagine a world where this is different. A world where you have access not only to data but to psychological insights, based on this particular data. This would enable you to better plan your time and your team’s time. It would prevent you wasting time in interviews with the wrong candidates.

Technology can never make a decision for you. But it can help you to make better-informed decisions in less time.

How much time would you save?


Data is not enough. Good decisions need insights.

We want to empower change

We believe in technological innovation. But not if its only used to improve an existing process. It's just not enough to be harder, faster & stronger. True progress requires change. Change deep at the root of processes, patterns and the way we solve our problems.

We believe in technological innovation, but only, if it will truly change the way you work.

Once upon a time

Back in the days, Bunch.ai was a teeny-tiny startup called 12 grapes. Created with one goal in mind: to understand what makes startup teams successful. Nine out of ten of them don't make it past the first year. We wanted to find out: what's so special about number ten?

What started as a consulting service is now a team of experienced psychologists, data scientists, and engineers, all dedicated to enabling leaders around the world to make better-informed decisions. Since launch, we've used data from more than 1 Million messages on slack, over 10.000 LinkedIn profiles and publicly accessible data from over 300 startups to fine-tune our algorithms.

hyper invest

Bunch is backed by some of Berlin's leading investors

We Are Bunch

Darja Gutnick

Darja Gutnick

Growth, Co-founder


Anthony Reo

Product, Co-founder

Charles Ahmadzadeh

Charles Ahmadzadeh

Engineering, Co-founder


Alexandra Klochko

Data Science


Joshua Stehr



Carolina Sohns

Customer Success

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