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The Real-Time Platform for People Insights

Bunch.ai makes it easy to measure the impact of people initiatives and track your progress over time - all based on behavioral data from Slack.

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More Revenue

Better Retention

Companies with a strong culture generate up to 5X more revenue.



Job-seeker Approved

94% of job-seekers are likely to apply to companies that actively manage culture.


Employees are 3x less likely to leave when you have a strong culture.

Connect workflow or communication tools

Get real-time culture insights from apps like Slack, JIRA, G Suite, plus employee surveys.

Set targets for cultural change

Design your ideal "Future Us" based on your company's context and strategic goals.

Get customized recommendations

Get personalized action plans and behavioral nudges to improve over time.

Connect Data Sources

How it works

Rich Vincent

"Working with Bunch has given us more clarity on what drives performance and engagement in our organization and focus on the right areas to impact."

Director, Talent and Organizational Development at DigitalOcean

Digital Ocean

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