Say Hello to Real-Time People Insights is the perfect sidekick for forward-thinking People Leaders at fast-growing companies. It uses data from Slack to effortlessly quantify the impact of your initiatives - no surveys necessary!




A practical way to measure and improve:

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Rich Vincent

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"Working with Bunch has given us more clarity on what drives performance and engagement in our organization and focus on the right areas to impact."

Director, Talent and Organizational Development

Analytics you can count on

We use AI to find patterns in the way your team communicates on Slack. Our approach is based on research at by research at Stanford, Harvard, and MIT.

Privacy by design cannot be used to see the data of specific team members. We'll never show you individual-level data, and we never store any messages.

World-class data security

We only process a small subset of the data you give to Slack, and we go above and beyond to ensure your safety & privacy.

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